Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hypnotist bandits

You've gotta love the GDN (Gulf Daily News), Bahrain's quality national rag. It's tabloid in format and tabloid in nature. The most widely circulated English language newspaper on the Island, the GDN is what the English-speaking population rely on for their daily local news fix. It frequently prints interesting (read: sensational and highly entertaining) news stories and letters to the editor - spelling mistakes and bad grammar only add to the charm of the GDN.

I must share today's GDN highlight about the hypnotist bandits:

A Bahraini bank cashier claims to have been hypnotised into parting with 900 BD (around $AD2700) by a family of robbers. The bandits apparently approached the cashier claiming they were overseas visitors wanting to exchange foreign currency. They then allegedly put the cashier under the influence of hypnosis and entranced, he handed over the cash.

I'd like to invite the bandits over to my place - maybe they could hypnotise my daughter into not watching the Sound of Music for the 654th time.

Watch this space for more GDN gems...

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