Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally, a beach!

Last weekend we were invited by a few friends to the Bahrain Sailing Club at Al-Jazeer beach. I've mentioned the non-existent beaches in Bahrain before, so you can understand why weren't expecting much. We were pleasantly surprised. It's certainly no five star resort, but there's a modest sandy beach and a bit of water...two basic requirements for a beach met. You do still have to pay to use the facilities on offer at the Sailing club, but at least it's affordable. Wish we'd discovered it earlier on. Would have been nice to spend some time there over the long, hot summer we've just been through.

H absolutely loved it and kept singing all the nursery rhymes she could think of about the sea and boats. It was a bit windy and so she didn't get in the water - but she wasn't bothered - at least she had sand to play with (her favourite substance these days - I struggle each day to keep her out of the sandpit my neighbours have in their yard). It makes you realise that kids certainly aren't as critical as adults. I could see the satisfaction in H's eyes as soon as we entered the place. Her brain was doing a quick calculation: sand + water = fun. Aaaah being a kid again...the simplicity... it'd be nice to rewind and go back to that.

I didn't take any photos on the day. I might see if my friend has any I can share in my next post. To get an idea of the beach, take a look at some of the pics at the link below (old link but it still looks about the same).

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