Monday, April 19, 2010

Moving on...

It's not us moving on... no, we're not heading home just yet.

When you're an expat, life can be transient. You meet people, you like them, you get close and just when you think it's all clicked, they up and leave:(

The reality of expat life is that someone is always moving on.

We are about to say farewell to our neighbours. They arrived in Bahrain at the same time as us, our toddlers grew into little pre-schoolers together and our families have become good friends over the last two years. Exciting for them, they are heading off to experience a new lifestyle and new adventures in Africa, sad for us though, because we will miss them.

Our children have been each other's little companions and have spent a lot of time together. It's got me wondering about how H will feel when her little friend leaves. At the moment, he features prominently in her conversations. It's kind of sad to think that as the days go by and she gets busy with other acitivies and new friends, she may not even remember him at all. Children are resilient and adaptable. I guess I don't remember too many friends of mine from when I was three or four and it hasn't affected me too much. Maybe it's just a part of growing up. That first small experience of loss that every little kid has to go through.

Hmm...perhaps a slightly dull and depressing entry on my part... but it's just something that's on my mind.

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