Thursday, January 20, 2011

The rain in Bahrain falls mainly on the plain

Whilst the floods in Australia wreaked havoc, we had a few puddles (fortunately, not floods) of our own to contend with here in Bahrain.

After a deluge, chaos often ensues on the Island. Last time round, school was cancelled as a result of minor storm damage. This time I didn't hear of any major after effects - although there was this pool in the school car park, giving the Arabian Gulf a run for its money:

Because it's not everyday that it pours in Bahrain, for me, two days of rain is a welcome change from endless sunshine...just listen to me, a welcome change from endless sunshine!? (I wonder if people in the Middle East suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Summer?)

I know that rain, drizzle, wind, mud and sludge are strange things to be happy about, but putting on a pair of galoshes brings with it its own kind of joy. Not that we even own a pair of galoshes... I'm just saying... nothing says winter like jumping in a big puddle. Well that's what H thinks anyway.

Then there's H's friend S - she 'celebrated' the wet weather by sailing origami boats in her puddle, props to her mum JS for this awesome pic:

Back to sunshine tomorrow...

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