Wednesday, March 16, 2011

State of Emergency

Ok, so maybe rumour about 'martial law' was not so ridiculous after all. Things seem to have deteriorated further and the King has called for 'a state of safety', clearly less alarming wording than 'a state of emergency' but we think it's the same, although still trying to figure out what that even means.

M went out to buy some essentials and he said there was lots of panic buying. Lots of friends are flying out of the country, so there is panic travelling too. If their home countries are close by, they are travelling there. Others are flying off to Dubai, just to get away until things calm down a little - there is still a feeling that they will. After three days of staying indoors M took H over to a friend's house for a quick play. He said the roads were clear enough at that point. H is going bonkers staying at home, so she returned refreshed.

3am now - I can't sleep and can hear sounds of activity in the distance and the last few nights have had an eery quality to them. It's been particularly windy for this time of year, so the whistling of the wind up against my window doesn't help. Helicopters are whirring above and I'm wondering what's happening at the Public hospital which is just up the road from us. News reports telling us that there are many injured and even dead.

We are now planning an exit strategy. Tickets booked but do we stay and sit it out or do we go and watch this unfold from somewhere else? (Tickets to Abu Dhabi is booked for Thursday evening - we can have a break and return to make long term plans when things settle down). Honestly, we just don't know where this is going. There are assurances that things will be fine in a couple of days time, but what if they just get worse?

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